We are committed to redefining shipping and logistics in Latin America with our private delivery network and proprietary tracking system. Our technology empowers clients to monitor their shipments in real time, ensuring a seamless customer experience.



Albert P. Hernandez begins his career as a delivery boy for Choice Messenger Service in New York City.

Albert forms the Air Courier division with the company’s international division on Latin America beginning only two years later.

 In collaboration with an investor group, Albert buys the courier division and merges with Sky Courier Network in Virginia.

Sky Courier Network is sold to Airborne excluding the network of top tier representatives throughout Latin America.

Albert’s son A.J., enters the business.

Together, Albert and AJ successfully create SkyPostal to fill the need for cross border mail and parcel delivery services to Latin America.



Skypostal is the largest private mail and parcel delivery network in Latin America serving European postal administrations, major publishers, the world’s largest e-tailers, international shippers and financial institutions who require reliable and secure delivery of their mail and parcels.